The prompt for this project was to propose an interior installation concept inside the historic Dentistry/Pharmacy Building at U of A.

This project began with University Architects providing us context and site plans, as well as a general idea of what they wanted from us.

By the end of the year, our group had created an extensive design brief that used the Edmonton River Valley to shape our modern Atrium.

My critical contributions to the team included the design and planning of the wood river pathway through the space as well as general research.
Formerly known as the Dentistry/Pharmacy Building, University Commons is University of Alberta’s new campus hub. The historic 1922 brick facade blends into the seven-story north tower. Between the two, a massive glass atrium becomes the crossroads for all of campus. 

While under construction, University Architects commissioned a design concept for this atrium from my group of four design students. 

Research spanning a full year of studies led to our proposal for a new gallery space inspired by the building’s proximity to the North Saskatchewan River. and the Edmonton River Valley. 
Etched into the floor, a wood walkway in the shape of the North Saskatchewan River begins at the East Porch, passing through the sitting areas and into the main atrium.

The center of the atrium is marked with a wooden medallion representing not only the center of campus, but the actual location of the University within the North Saskatchewan.
Along this pathway, a pattern of undulating posts divide the main lobby (as shown in red above). These walls act as galleries for student projects, seating areas, and privacy screens directing student traffic.